Bite, brush, smile, repeat. Adios, toothpaste tubes! Bite Toothpaste Bits are solid tablets of condensed toothpaste that, once they co-mingle with your mouth and its spit supply, become the whitening, teeth-cleansing goo you, and everyone who has to kiss you and smell your breath, know and love.

The Bits are less messy than toothpaste tubes that spurt and crust over, and more portable too if you throw a couple in a Ziploc with a travel toothbrush. More importantly to creator The Kind Lab, Bite Toothpaste Bits save you the waste of never quite getting all the toothpaste out of the tube, as well as the waste of the plastic tube itself. Their Bits come in a pill-style jar you can use over and over. Subsequent orders of the toothpaste tablets can ship in a small refill baggie, and The Kind Lab has the option of joining a Bite Toothpaste Bits 6-month subscription service.

In addition to their eco-friendly approach to product development and packaging, The Kind Lab uses only chemical-free, plant-based ingredients, such as peppermint oil, in their Bite Toothpaste Bits. They contain no fluoride.

Bite Toothpaste Bits come in plain Mint flavor, or Charcoal Mint, which adds some activated charcoal for detoxification and teeth whitening. Being solid, the Bits are also TSA-approved.


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