Do you know that time when you need to listen to some music in your car, but the audio system is not Bluetooth compatible and you’re stuck with using your headphones on your phone?

Don’t you hate how your favorite pair of corded headphones cannot be connected to your latest phone anymore, because most recent models have gone away from audio jacks?

Here’s one solution for those times and many more.

The Bluetooth receiver can be paired with any Bluetooth enabled device, be it phone, tablet or laptop. Then connect the device to the corded headphones, car’s AUX audio system input or one of the audio inputs of your home cinema system.

You’ve just made your previously dated audio listening system into a Bluetooth enabled one.

The device sports an internal rechargeable battery for the cases you need to get it with you and continue to listen to your music on the go. The battery can be recharged from any USB port by a micro USB port with any charging cable. There’s enough power juice for about 4 hours of listening in it and the recharge can be done in as little as an hour if there’s no USB port in sight by the time it dies on you.

If you’re still on the brink whether to get one or not, here’s another feature that may convince you actually need this extremely versatile gadget that will cost you less than a cup of overpriced coffee. If you’re connecting it to your phone, you’ve got a hands free calling device for the times when you’re driving or you’re not able to use your hands for whatever reason. The Bluetooth receiver includes a sensitive MIC that will pick-up any conversation. The case is designed to be affixed to any t-shirt or pocket like a pen with its handy clip.

To navigate your playlist there are dedicated buttons for the Next and the Previous tracks, and a handy Play/Pause button.

You may also pick up calls or drop them with a press of a button.

The volume is adjustable.

Powering ON/OFF and pairing is a breeze.

If you feel adventurous, there are a few color choices you can pick from, like black, white, red, green or blue.



BT Version: BT4.1
Operating Distance: 10m (no obstacle)
Output Connection: 3.5mm AUX Output Port
Output Power: 30mW
Working Time: about 4 hours
Standby Time: 250 hours
Charge Time: about 50 minutes
Charge Port: Micro USB 5V


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