Eco-Friendly Biodegradable

  • CasusGrill is a simple grill made from environmentally friendly ingredients that are fully natural and sustainable, so it is possible to cook many things anywhere.

  • Made with a simple, sleek and easy to carry design anywhere to set up quickly.
  • The material is made of cardboard packaging, isolated with light lava stone, bamboo charcoal briquette fuel and using natural bamboo embers.

  • Grill set up in five minutes which can produce a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit because it uses Quick Oxylite charcoal.

  • All materials are biodegradable except lava stone can be used for soil repairs.

  • CasusGrill only removes half of CO2 than other grills, when finished using, flush with water, throw or grave it in the soil to become compost.

What’s really fantastic about CasusGrill is that it’s easy to light and it quickly reaches grilling temperature.

The grill is ready to use in only five minutes and retains its heat for more than 60 minutes. It creates a high, even temperature that ensures your food is properly grilled, with a delicious, crispy barbequed finish.

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