Crazy Horse Craft’s leather origami-style wallets.

 Old World Japan + Native America = Awesome.

This is a minimalist cash and card carrier.

They have a classic, scholarly look, with 2 openings for quick access.

On the inside, there are two compartments, plus a hidden pocket for cards, bills, and coins.

What really sets these wallets apart is their origami flavor.

As an option for the DIY inclined people, it can be ordered ready to assemble.

A few folds, a few flaps, and only 2 buttons and you have a brand new wallet.

There are no stitches puncturing or glue gumming up the antique-finished leathers.

Their leather finishes are achieved with handmade waxes used to scour the material, altering its coloring and giving it an aged look.

Polish wax is included with all wallet purchases.

Crazy Horse Craft origami leather wallet is available in Carbon Black, Classic Brown, and Wood Brown.

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