dremel versa

Dremel Versa Power Cleaner Tool is a tool that can help you get any surface clean with little effort.

It’s designed to clean whatever you need quickly and easily.


It’s engineered to clean small, hard to reach spots: glass stovetops, shower tiles, glass doors, and sinks.

It can power its way through the toughest dirt and scum in half the time as if you did it by hand.


You don’t need to put pressure on the tool while you use it.

The powerful head will do all the dirty work for you!

It can remove mold, mildew, soap, rust, and scum with ease.

Whatever you need to clean, it’ll get the job done.


The lithium-ion battery charges quickly through USB.

Plug it in and before you know it, the gadget is ready to go!


In just two hours, it’ll be charged for superior and consistent use.

Plus, the compact design easily fits in the palm of your hand.


It also has a soft textured grip that’s easy on your hands!




To see it in action, watch this clip:


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