Provide a safe place for your earbuds to charge with the elago Silicone AirPods Charging Stand.

Compatible with the Apple AirPods and their case, this stand feeds your Lightning cable through the base.

The AirPods Case slides seamlessly into the AirPods Charging Stand and connects to the Lightning cable.

This instantly initiates a charge.

Using a hard-wearing silicone, the AirPods Stand offers all-over protection.

This material stands up to the wear and tear of your every day so your AirPods always have a place to call home.

The stand helps keep your AirPods Case upright while charging and instantly splash-resistant for any errant moisture.

In addition, the AirPods Stand complements the Apple aesthetic perfectly.

It comes in classic black, white, and dark grey to keep in line with your style.

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