FIBARO Z-Wave Plus

FIBARO Z-Wave Plus

Smartly manage your devices with the FIBARO Z-Wave Plus Smart Wall Plug.

Offering power metering for your electrical devices, this device comes with many useful features.

FIBARO Wall Plug allows you to control power in more ways than one.

Complete with a crystal LED ring, the plug changes color to let you know how much power the plugged device is using.

It also offers a built-in USB charger, making it even more convenient in your daily life.

Likewise, the extra port allows you to connect a light or phone to one plug.

Offering endless possibilities, FIBARO Wall Plug transforms almost any connected household appliances into a smart device.

By using the app, you can see the status of the plugged device, its power consumption and more.

Similarly, you can switch the device on or off no matter where you are.

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