Garage door opener with a twist.

If you’ve forgotten to close your garage door at least once, Garadget has you covered.

It’s designed to let you control your garage door opener right from your smartphone.



It’s a WiFi controller that works with your existing garage door opener.

It turns the opener into a piece of smart technology that wirelessly connects to your phone.

You can open and close your garage no matter where you are.



You can control or monitor your garage from your smartphone, computer, tablet, wearable device, and home automation.

It installs in just minutes without any hassle or stress without wiring or complicated configuration.




It doesn’t require any maintenance because it doesn’t take any batteries and there are no detached sensors.




There’s no monthly bill, and you can access your account from multiple devices! Plus, it’s compatible with iOS and Android devices.




You can even get push notifications on your phone to let you know when your garage is open!




Watch the video down below!

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