It’s rare that a Bluetooth speaker is truly distinctive. After all, it’s just a box with some holes. There’s only so much you can do! But the Gomi speaker is unusually gorgeous. It looks like the whole plastic box has been dipped into the swirling colors used to create marble paper.

The simple eco-friendly selling point of these speakers is they are crafted from 100% recycled and non-recyclable plastic.

Listen to music from a beautiful device that reduces waste with the Gomi Hand-Marbled Plastic Speakers. Made from plastic waste, this portable device uses flexible plastic that is typically not recyclable. Likewise, each Gomi speaker is equivalent to 100 plastic bags worth of flexible plastics. Additionally, the hand-marbled plastic speakers each have their own individual look. Created with three modular components, the speaker is a combination of digital fabrication and traditional craft methods. Featuring a modular design, the speakers can easily be separated. To top it off, you can melt the plastic components and use them for future products without losing any value. Utilizing Bluetooth connectivity, each minimalist speaker comes with a single button for easy control. Lasting up to 18 hours on a single charger, Gomi delivers exceptional sound quality.

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