Huawei AI Cube

AI Cube that is not a cube, but a Smart Speaker to the 3rd power.

4G modem, a home Wi-Fi router, a high-end 360-degree wireless speaker, and a Huawei-Amazon collaboration that promises Alexa integration and some not-yet-articulated AI capabilities.

All in one device.

Smart devices are everywhere.

Apple’s HomePod, the Google Home family of devices, Amazon’s Echo speakers, Lenovo’s Smart Display, Samsung’s Bixby speaker just to name a few.

Huawei’s angle is to leverage its networking equipment know-how by enabling its AI Cube with a slot for an LTE SIM card.

That’s making it a 4G hotspot, and an Ethernet port, allowing you to use it as a home Wi-Fi router as well as an Alexa-enabled speaker.

Specs and measurements:

The AI Cube is 218mm (8.6 inches) tall and has a 116mm (4.57 inches) diameter at both its base and its top.

The speaker weighs in at 900g (2lb).

It supports LTE Cat.6 for cellular speeds up to 300Mbps,.

The device has 802.11ac with dual-band Wi-Fi.

Inside there are four microphones with far-field voice recognition.

Availability To Be Announced

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