Indestructible Cord for Your Phone

The Fuse Chicken Titan Charging Cable is made to last.

It is designed to be virtually indestructible, no matter what you put it through.


We’ve all experienced cables that get damaged or fray.

Some of those cables are the ones that come from our smartphone manufacturer.

Instead of buying cables every few months and flushing money down the drain, buy one cable that will last you a lifetime.


The Lightning and Micro USB connectors are permanently sealed with a one-piece housing that’s fused over all the metal and wiring.

This prevents the cords from coming apart after just a few months of use.


The industrial-grade cable is wrapped around two layers of high-strength steel, making it extremely durable.

The cable is tough beyond imagination.

You can even try to cut it with a chainsaw.


If you only want to buy one charging cable, this one is a lifer.




If you’re still in doubt, this clip will push you over the brink.


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