“BOOST” in all caps so you know right off these Bluetooth earbuds make things louder.

They aren’t just for blasting music, though.

Fitted with Ear ID, IQbuds BOOST also provide hearing enhancement for people with mild hearing loss.

People who have spent their whole lives with headphones and earbuds blasting music directly, can’t hear what anyone at the restaurant table or on the TV is saying because of it.

IQbuds BOOST are a top gift.

Admittedly, hearing aids do come with a stigma. While wireless earbuds, which don’t look all that different, are shown off proudly.

So it’s smart of IQbuds maker Nuheara to try to combine the more modern and streamlined looks of the latter with the functionality of the former.

These buds are not substitutes for full-on hearing aids but they are intended for those that are experiencing low-level hearing loss.

Their Ear ID tech is designed to automatically calibrate the earbuds to users’ unique hearing profiles to enhance audio reception under a variety of conditions: parties, concerts, restaurants, cafeterias, movie theaters.

The IQbuds also work as standard earbuds, streaming music and podcasts, enabling hands-free phone calls, and providing access to SIRI and Google Assistant.

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