A trio of LEDs inside MecArmy’s SGN3 mini EDC flashlight allows the torch to beam out your choice of white, red, or UV light through its CREE XP-2 emitter.

At up to 160 lumens of output, that’s more than enough RW&B to light up the night.

It can be especially helpful when you’re trying to find your house key and cell phone, or launch a signal for help, or suntan a little patch on your arm after getting drunk.

The SGN3 mini flashlight is rechargeable via a USB charge port cap.

It has a 6-hour runtime on max beam output.

Charge time is a relatively quick 90 minutes.

A U-tail end design enables easy attachment to a keychain or bag clip.

The one button switch facilitates one-handed operation.

MecArmy built the flashlights to IPX-5 waterproof.


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