ohnana tent

The Ohnana tent allows you to sleep off those nights of fun all morning.

ohnana tent

This tent is designed with festival goers in mind.

Those party animals tend to be nodding off as the sun is coming up.

The Ohnana Tent uses special material to deflect heat from the sun and keep the tent cool.

It stays about 14°C/25°F cooler than traditional tents.

Interrupted sleep is a thing of the past and you will never wake up overheated.

With the Ohnana Tent, you can catch up on your sleep all morning long.

The secret to this revolutionary tent is the use of a reflective aluminum coating.

That allows the tent to reflect the infrared light from the sun.

In addition, the tent has an optional built-in fan to increase the airflow.

Thanks to its two-pole design, you can easily set up Ohnana in just five minutes.

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