The Coros VERTIX GPS Outdoor Adventure Watch will withstand any adventure you take it on—and it won’t quit on you.

This GPS watch’s battery will last for up to 45 days when you use it regularly.

And, even if you’re using Full GPS mode, it lasts 60 hours.

That’s an entire weekend of adventuring. Additionally, this GPS adventure watch will endure the elements.

Its corrosion-free titanium frame makes it lightweight and durable, and the sapphire glass screen is almost impossible to scratch.

Plus, this GPS outdoor watch’s strap is silicone, so you won’t deal with frozen fabric or cracked leather.

Furthermore, this GPS watch is waterproof up to 150 meters.

On top of that, it monitors your blood oxygen levels and evaluates your acclimatization.

So whether you’re going down below or up high, this GPS adventure watch will see you through.

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