I see your lighting of a citronella candle to keep the mosquitos away and raise you bathing in the essential oil, rubbing it in soap form all over my body as a skeeter beater for all 2000 of my bug-averse body parts. Osana makes a natural mosquito repellent soap that contains citronella as its primary means of deterring the biting buggers. It also contains natural menthol leaf extract, as well as coconut, palm, and safflower oils for cleansing and moisturizing the skin.

OSANA promises their Mosquito Repellent Soap has a fresh “soapy” scent that won’t leave you smelling like a cloying jar of citronella wax.

They also promise using the Mosquito Repellent Soap in the shower (or river) is the only defense you’ll need against mosquitos – it takes the place of bug spray. The listing here is for 3 bars of soap, plus a bonus travel bar.


  • SMELLS GREAT and REALLY WORKS! See our Testimonials!
  • RECEIVE 3 BARS OF SOAP and Osana will donate 1 bar on your behalf to those in need around the world. Manufactured with 100% all natural ingredients
  • NON-TOXIC and CHILD-FRIENDLY, and contains no animal products
  • NEVER WORRY about forgetting your bug spray again, simply shower with Osana and forget about the bugs. Effectively cleanses, moisturizes, and helps to protect skin
  • HELP FIGHT MALARIA – every time you purchase soap Osana donates bars ON YOUR BEHALF to those in need around the world suffering from Malaria and sanitation based illnesses. Protect yourself from unwanted mosquito bites and help others!

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