The P3 Couchlet is designed to charge your devices right from your bed or couch.


It works with all USB chargers.

You can now charge your smartphone, tablet, e-reader, or anything else from the comfort of your furniture.

It plugs into the wall, and the cord stretches six feet for easy access.


It’s engineered to be ultra-thin, and the wedge shape makes it easy to tuck in between couch cushions.

It can rest under your bed.

Simply stretch out the arm, and it slides where you want it to be discreetly.


The gadget is low-voltage, ensuring it’s just as safe as your standard phone or tablet charger.

No more stretching over the side of the couch or bed to check your phone as it’s charging

The phone can rest comfortably beside you.


If you want your phone beside you all the time, this is the charger for you!





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