Power up your Apple devices with ease anywhere you go with the Mipow POWER TUBE 6000 Portable Charging Station.

This device has all you need to top up your iPad, iPhone, and even your Apple Watch.

The POWER TUBE 6000 features a massive 6000mAh battery inside its small frame.

With this, you have enough power to recharge your Apple Watch 10 times over and your iPhone 2.5 times.

Located at the top of the POWER TUBE 6000 is a concealed Lightning cable.

Simply pop it out of place and plug in.

The charge will initiate automatically.

In addition, the top portion also has a built-in magnetic spot for your Apple Watch.

Just like your mag charger, the POWER TUBE 6000 keeps your smartwatch in place while it wirelessly charges.

The POWER TUBE 6000 has a slim body so you can take it anywhere and everywhere.


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