The quip toothbrush is designed for helping kids improve their oral hygiene.

Make toothbrushing time more enjoyable for your children with the quip Kids Electric Toothbrush Set. Designed especially for kids, this device is suitable for children ages three and up. Boasting a similar design to the original, quip Kids Electric Toothbrush Set adds improvements to assist young brushers. Likewise, it comes with a smaller brush head to help reach every part of smaller mouths. Offering gentle vibrations, the toothbrush provides an effective clean while reducing toothpaste splatter and mess. Similarly, the toothbrush comes with a two-minute timer with thirty-second pulses. Made safe for children’s gums, the toothbrush also comes with soft bristles. Complete with a rubber-grip plastic handle and slim design, the quip Kids Electric Toothbrush Set gives small hands more control.

A smaller brush head guides with pride

Small teeth need a smaller brush head to get in every nook and cranny. Gentle, timed sonic vibrations provide an effective clean while minimizing mess and toothpaste splatter.

 Smaller head to clean tight spaces
Two-minute timer with 30-second pulses
Soft bristles made safe for gums

Waterproof, rubber-grip handle

Slim, grown-up design with a rubber-grip plastic handle that gives small hands greater control. No wires or bulky charger. Charge lasts 3 months on a replaceable battery (free with refill).

 Rubber grip for better control
No silly gimmicks, lights, or music
Nifty mirror mount + travel cover

Anticavity paste, tailored for kids’ taste

Many kids don’t like the tingle or flavor of mint, so we opted for watermelon instead. The fresh anticavity formula includes fluoride to strengthen enamel and xylitol to kill bacteria.

 American Dental Association accepted
Kid-friendly watermelon flavor
No SLS or irritating ingredients

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