Capture shots from a distance with the Sony HX99 Compact High-Zoom 4K Camera.

Offering 30x zoom, this device maintains detail as you zoom in to your subject.


This feature means you won’t have to crop or digitally zoom to get the shot you want.

The HX99’s 24-720mm zoom lens quickly locks onto features and faces in the distance and brings them into focus.

Additionally, you can record 4K video while you are zoomed in, making it ideal for shooting events or outdoors.

The HX99 also offers other useful features including optical image stabilization and 10fps burst shot mode.

It even comes with a lens ring, which you can use to adjust manual settings.

Thanks to its compact size, the HX99 easily fits in your pocket or bag.

Similarly, you can bring it with you anywhere for times when your smartphone’s camera just doesn’t cut it.

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