Chewie was turned into a 16″ interactive plush toy for FurReal’s Star Wars collaboration.

A FurReal Ultimate Co-pilot Chewie can be a gift for a kid you either don’t like or you love to death.

The plush Chewie’s lips and eyes move whenever he’s in motion, with expressions ranging from angry snarl to Elvis impersonation to Michael J. Fox.

In addition to advanced motor skills, the Ultimate Co-pilot Chewie figure can also engage in some verbal sparring.

He responds in the Wookiee language, sometimes even laughing, to anyone who engages him.

Over 100 possible sound-motion combo interactions available.

Adorably, and somewhat predictably, one of them is curling up and snoring.

FurReal also mentions that “To withstand hyperspace travel, Chewie’s hair is gelled into place. Gently brush to remove or let it wear off naturally with play.”

Feel free to accelerate your own death by messing with Chewbacca’s furstyle.


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