BACtrack C8 Personal Professional-Grade Breathalyzer offers accurate BAC detection

Make smarter decisions while drinking with the BACtrack C8 Personal Professional-Grade Breathalyzer. Backed by BluFire sensor technology, this compact device accurately estimates your alcohol level.

Offering one button operation, the C8 delivers reliable and precise results that you can rely on each and every time.

Similarly, the personal professional-grade breathalyzer estimates your alcohol level in a matter of seconds.

Utilizing ZeroLine technology, it also estimates the time until your blood alcohol concentration will return to zero.

By comparing your perception to real numbers, you can guess your BAC more accurately over time.

Moreover, you can track your drinking habits by saving your previous tests to find out how alcohol affects your body.

Finally, the C8 breathalyzer can even call you an Uber via the app to ensure you get home safely.

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