There’s certainly no lack of wind or water in my parts right now. But the WaterLily micro turbine USB charger is still going to have to wait a few months for me to head out on the trail or up any sort of currently-blizzard-experiencing mountain to test out how well the eco-friendly powerhouse harnesses the wind and water to recharge my devices.

The 7″ x 7″ WaterLily uses flowing water or wind to generate up to 15W of power for most any USB device, including smartphones, battery banks, cameras, lanterns, speakers, and GPS finders. One benefit of the turbine over solar panels is that if you’re camping near water or have a nice breeze, you can set up the WaterLily to charge overnight in the dark so you’ll have full batteries in the morning.

To use the WaterLily, set it up in flowing water (as slow as 0.28 m/s, or 0.62mph) and plug in the device you want to be charged to the turbine’s USB port. The faster the water, the closer the WaterLily will get to reaching its 15W charging potential.

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