You’ll never be without X-Actly the right X-Acto with this complete set of the company’s basic knives and blades. A no-fail gift for Dad (or gift for Mom if she’s a crafty mama…or a Dexter mama) the X-Acto set comes packed in a simple wood chest with 3 knives and 13 total, swappable blades for slicing through cardboard, paper, plastic, cloth, and form board. X-Acto knife and blade models include:

  • No. 1 knife with No. 11 blade, for precision cutting and trimming of lightweight materials
  • No. 2 knife with No. 2 blade for precision and trimming of medium to heavy weight materials
  • No. 5 knife with No. 19 blade for precision cutting of heavy weight materials
  • No. 2 blade (2 total)
  • No. 7 blade
  • No. 10 blade
  • No. 11 blade (2 total)
  • No. 16 blade
  • No. 17 blade
  • No. 18 blade
  • No. 19 blade
  • No. 22 blade
  • No. 24 blade

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